Thursday, December 3, 2015

Free Editor for Mathematics ONLY Html5 and Javascript


On I have published the first version for an editor for mathematics ONLY in javascript.

The editor is created around  "Fmath Formula", the solution to display mathml, latex or omml on web.

Like all other components on the editor is free to download and use.

Ionel Alexandru

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Display MathML with Html5-Javascript solution


    A new solution to display MathML on web using only HTML 5  / Javascript technologies is available for download:

A page with examples for all tags and how to use:

The list of tags implemented from MathML is here:

An example for mroot and msqrt tags (ltr and rtl implementation):

Ionel Alexandru

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Free FMath Editor 2.4: Windows Word Importer


     A new version of free mathematics editor for web is available on
The list of changes are:
  • Importer from Microsoft Word - Equation Editor. The editor can import equations from Microsoft Word (OMML standard)  in MathML and display it. The translation is done without any communication with the server and no need to have installed Microsoft Word on your local computer. The process is implemented only in AS3 for Flash;

  • Changed the default XML editor to "XML Editor" created by Szabolcs Kurdi for XML syntax. Now you can easily see the errors (like in figure) and also the attributes and tags.

  • Add tool-tip for buttons. The text displayed is in the configuration file and can be changed or translated.

  • Add tool-tip for buttons.
  • Improved version of Latex-MathML translator.

For Java, the package "fmath-latex-mathml-v0.4.jar" have one new method:

String mathml = ConvertFromLatexToMathML.convertToMathML(latex);
String latex = ConvertFromMathMLToLatex.convertToLatex(mathml);
String mathml = ConvertFromWordToMathML.getMathMLFromDocStream(stream, "ISO-8859-1");
This allow you to import equations from Microsoft Word in MathML.
An Online example is on
The same, no need to have Microsoft Word installed.

All packages on are free for download and use.

Ionel Alexandru

Monday, March 5, 2012

Create applications for mathematics for IPAD, Android or Blackberry

       This is a presentation about creating applications for mathematics Android Devices, BlackBerry PlayBook, iPhone and iPad using Flash Builder from Adobe and FMath components. has two flex components:

Steps to create the application:
  1. Install Flash Builder from Adobe;
  2. Download the components from (swc file and fonts)
  3. Unzip the packages;
  4. Copy the swc files in your project/libs;
  5. Now you can see the components in Flash Builder - Design Mode under Mathematics category.

  6. Copy the folder fontswf (lookAndFeel and config file for editor) in project/bin-debug
  7. Now you can create a project with Flash Builder and insert FMath components.
The source code for two examples can be found here:

1. - is an application example to display a mathml formula or a latex formula on an IPad. But the project can be changed to generate applications for Android or Blackberry. In this example you can read the mathml or latex formula, change it and display it again.

2. - is an application example to display the editor on an IPad.  In this example you can read the mathml created by the editor.

More details about component's attributes and how to use, can be found on

Ionel Alexandru

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

fMath Editor version 2.3 - wizard for subtraction

    FMath Editor is a free to use mathematics editor for web, desktop and mobile applications. The new version has a new wizard to create subtractions:

This wizard will generate mathml code for addition (inclusive the carries and the sign position).

The editor is available on

Ionel Alexandru

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

fMath Editor version 2.2


     A new version for editor have been released. The main change is to include a first "wizard" for "elementary math" - Addition Wizard Panel:

This wizard will generate mathml code for addition (inclusive the carries and the sign position):

Also I solved some bugs and do a re-factory of the code to display "Elementary Math"

thank you
Ionel Alexandru

Monday, November 14, 2011

fMath Editor 2.1


A new version for editor have been released. The main changes are:

  • Refactoring of fonts and symbols;
    • Minimize the margins;
    • Change the code to better display the elements: mover, munder, msup, msub, ....
  • solve the problem of inserting new elements. When the client press "Enter" the application display a contextual panel with all the tags allowed to be inserted in the current location.

thank you
Ionel Alexandru