Monday, March 5, 2012

Create applications for mathematics for IPAD, Android or Blackberry

       This is a presentation about creating applications for mathematics Android Devices, BlackBerry PlayBook, iPhone and iPad using Flash Builder from Adobe and FMath components. has two flex components:

Steps to create the application:
  1. Install Flash Builder from Adobe;
  2. Download the components from (swc file and fonts)
  3. Unzip the packages;
  4. Copy the swc files in your project/libs;
  5. Now you can see the components in Flash Builder - Design Mode under Mathematics category.

  6. Copy the folder fontswf (lookAndFeel and config file for editor) in project/bin-debug
  7. Now you can create a project with Flash Builder and insert FMath components.
The source code for two examples can be found here:

1. - is an application example to display a mathml formula or a latex formula on an IPad. But the project can be changed to generate applications for Android or Blackberry. In this example you can read the mathml or latex formula, change it and display it again.

2. - is an application example to display the editor on an IPad.  In this example you can read the mathml created by the editor.

More details about component's attributes and how to use, can be found on

Ionel Alexandru

1 comment:

Raja Jaganathan said...

Thanks for share your FMath.

FMath component is awesome project it works very nice way almost all the mobile, desktop and web application.

It works well in iPad debug mode and AIR Simulator but after take release build ".IPA".it won't work on Device(iPAD) may be issue with load font swf due to some restriction with apple ,In andriod works great.

Adobe document say local secondary swf we can load with ABC as well but i have tried still it won't work.

For more details :

I hope FMath has supports on Mobile Devices as well.

Please let me know any workaround there and help out.