Tuesday, August 2, 2011

fMath Editor 2.0 "Look and Feel"


           After 4 months, I have done a big refactoring to separate the design elements from logic elements. These changes allow me to have a dynamic "look and feel". The code is totally separated and each design can have one or more configurable themes. By default I have 2 "look and feel":

  • XP design with 3 themes and
  • YUI design with 2 themes.

The themes are easy to change because the colors and font configuration are in separate xml files. Here you have the configuration for each design: http://www.fmath.info/editor/design.jsp

XP Look and Feel :

YUI (Yahoo User Interface) Look and Feel:

Also, there are some nice changes:
  • put the translation information in separate files;
  • create "wizards" to generate complex equations;
  • add more settings for configuration:
    • defaultBackcolor
    • transparentColor
    • designId
    • theme
    • language
  • solved some important bugs;

All suggestions,bugs and comments are welcome.

thank you
ionel alexandru

1 comment:

UaeMath said...

Great work, thanks so much for the fmath_formula
However, I am unable to make it work with CKeditor.
I was able to have the sigma icon inserted , but the image fails to appear in editor.
Instead of getting

am getting
http://www.mathyards.com/capture/capture.jsp content

Could you please help.


Many Thanks