Wednesday, March 23, 2011

fMath "Elementary Math Implementation"


    I deployed a new implementation for fMath Formula to display "Elementary Math" conform with MathML 3.0 specification. "Elementary Math" is the mathematics used in the lower grades such as two-dimensional addition, multiplication, and long division. For division I have done the implementation for all styles.
I added support for:
  • mstack, for aligning rows of digits and operators;
  • msgroup, for grouping rows with similar alignment;
  • msrow, for grouping digits and operators into a row;
  • msline, for drawing lines between the rows of the stack;
  • mscarry, represent the carry for an individual column;
  • mscarries used for associating a set of carries with a row;
  • mlongdiv, used for long division, for styles:
    • "lefttop"
    • "stackedrightright"
    • "mediumstackedrightright"
    • "shortstackedrightright"
    • "righttop"
    • "left/\right"
    • "left)(right"
    • ":right=right"
    • "stackedleftleft"
    • "stackedleftlinetop"
ionel alexandru


smallwind191 said...

thanks for your work, I am really impressed by it,

Mac said...

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Jojo P. said...

Elementary math is more on solving equations like multiplication and divisions for higher numbers. Some students find math as complicated subjects maybe because they had no patience to pursue solving it.

Jojo @ 1st grade math worksheet

youngsters said...

i m getting "error saving image on server" in localhost as well as in website

Ionel Alexandru said...


What server do you use and what code ?
Do you know how to configure the editor ?

Ionel Alexandru