Wednesday, November 3, 2010

fMath Web Editor version 1.4 is ready for free download


Another version for Formula and Editor have been released to
The main changes are:

  • stretchy problem solved for all arrows;
  • add zoom in/out;
  • add menclose tag;

Here the complete list of changes done for this version:
Formula 1.3:

  • add implementation for menclose tag for all "notation" value attribute:
    "longdiv" "actuarial" "radical" "box" "roundedbox" "circle" "left"
    "right" "top" "bottom" "updiagonalstrike" "downdiagonalstrike"
    "verticalstrike" "horizontalstrike" "madruwb"
  • add implementation for mmultiscripts tag;
  • add implementation for maction tag for actiontype=toggle and highlight;
  • redo the implementation for all stretchy arrows.

Editor 1.4:

  • add zoom menu;
  • add multiscript button;
  • add menclose toolbar with all accepted attributes value;
  • add pannel to choose the type of stretchy arrow;
  • redo the server side comunication to generate the image


  • update the editor;


  • update the formula and editor;
  • add button example for save image on server


  • update the formula and editor;

Also I updated the documetation.
Thank you and I wait your opinion, bugs or request for new features.


Kyle said...

Hey Alexandru,

I just wanted to thank you for releasing this project, it's helping us tremendously.

I can't seem to find an easy link to the source for the individual components, all I see in the source trunk is the lower-level classes.

Is this source available? I'd like to play with some of the visual properties like axes, event listeners, drag and pan capability, and to see if we could extend the software to graph in 3+ dimensions as well as eventually do inequalities and parametric equations.

Once again thanks so much for releasing this great component!

-- Kyle

Kyle said...

Oh I found the source, haha, I was looking on the wrong page. :)

Thank you, this is an awesome bit of code. I can't wait to really dig into it!