Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Web MathML Editor version 0.8


I released a new version for Web MathML Editor.
  • add new toolbars;
  • add some useful, already written formula;
  • integrate the editor with "the viewer"

Also I integrate the editor in the MathML IDE Web project.

Thank you and I wait your opinion/suggestions on


john.schwitz said...

Can I use the MathMLEditor for my challenge?
I have my content in Mathematica. I wish to create flash content to distribute on the web.
Can I use MathMLEditor to create flash content with math symbols?

I did not know how to move the formulas to flash? Would you consider a brief tutorial?

Nice work!

Ionel Alexandru said...

Yes, you can use and change MathMLEditor for your sites.

If you want to display a formula in flash you need only to have the AS code from


agriandbed said...

Thanks for your reply in the
The equestion was:In the v 0.7 there was the possibility to load and edit MathML.
I'm planning to integrate the editor in a Test Engine, but before
to integrate it I need to produce a lot of MathML expressions.
How can do this in v 0.8?
I try the this was usefull, thanks. But this works only for the current session.

I need to produce (before to integrate the MathMl) a lot of MathML expressions. Now we are restyling our Test Engine and during this period the editors could produce the contents that we will integrate in our site with MathML.
In the v 07 we can save the MathML code using the "EDit MathML" form in files (word,txt...), Is this possible also in the v 0.8?

Thanks Massimo

Ionel Alexandru said...

Hi agriandbed,

ok,I understand what you want.

Now, the communication I/O with the editor is done by javascript only.

I will add this feature from previous version.

thank you

SelvaKumar said...

Hi Alex,
I am converting your project to Flex and in that process I got stuck with lot issue can I discuss with you regarding that... please send me ur e-mail id.

My e-mail


Ionel Alexandru said...

Hi SelvaKumar,

My email is