Monday, February 16, 2009

MathML Formula AS3 - version 0.6

A the version 0.6 for "MathML Formula" have been released at

The improvements are:
  • implement mathml tags: ms, mspace and mpadded;
  • use attributes stretchy, maxsize, and minsize for arrows;
  • change fontsize --> mathsize and fontcolor --> mathcolor to conform with MathML 2.0 standard;
  • implement mathbackground;
  • implement the html-color-name, that is, as one of the color-name keywords defined in HTML4: aqua, black, blue, fuchsia, gray, green, lime, maroon, navy, olive, purple, red, silver, teal, white, and yellow


David said...

Ionel, Thank you for creating and improving on this project. I’m really glad you moved it to AS3.
I want to be able to display the math formula in a dynamic text field with other in-line text in Flash. Is this possible and can you help with an example?
I’m creating a set of math questions using XML and I think this would work perfect for me.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Ionel Alexandru said...

Hi David,

I don't know how to display the formula IN a dynamic text field.


David said...

Thanks. I was looking at the new Flash Text Engine with FP10. It seems like it would be possible.
Thanks for your work on this project!

ramroot said...

I've searched the web for months and was happy to find your work
I've just downloaded MathML Formula AS3 and worked on it for several hours during the week-end. I've some problems with the example provided on which seems to be in AS2.
Have you any example in AS3 to use your class especially with the XML ?
Thanks a lot in advance

Ionel Alexandru said...

hi Ramroot,

Yes, you are right, I didn't update in I will do that. Until then, you can look in displayML.fla file how I used the formula.

thank you

Royi Avital said...

Is there "The Other Way" application?
I'm looking for WYSIWYG Online Math ML Editor.

Where I can use GUI to create the equations and then get the code to embed in HTML page.


Steffen said...

Hi David,

great work! Thanks!


Dave Geurts said...

Hey I cant seem to get or to work on any equations. I also noticed when I click on the button labelled Cancellation you are using spaces to align eveything on the equals sign. does MathML formula not support the tags?

Arin said...

Thanks for the great job...

Can i use the as3 versions in my as2 flash file? I want to load them as a movieclip, and I've heared the code won't work.

I have many files in as2 and It's hard to migrate to as3.