Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MathML Editor version 0.7


A new version for Editor project have been released at

The main changes are:
  • Fixed bugs related to navigation;
  • Add features to allow you to send/receive the mathML value to/from Editor;
  • Fixed bugs related with current style;
  • Add a panel with the commands;

The project is hosted at and

The list of issues is opened to where you can add comments, bugs or new features you want to be added.


Shibl Mourad said...

Bravo Ionel,

This is great stuff.

My kids will be soon starting learning math and so will I :)

Harsh said...

Hi Ionel,

I would like to start contributing to MathML Editor Project. Can you suggest to me the best way to get started?


Ionel Alexandru said...

Hi Harsh,

Thank you for your help,
Now I work to migrate MathML Editor on AS3 and to change the interface.

Could be a lot of stuff to do:
1. We can try to create components for flex.
2. Improve the Formula project to display other types of mathematical sign and after that include in editor.

What do you think ?
If you want to do some programming, send me an email.

Thank you

Harsh said...

Hi Ionel,

You are welcome. I guess we can have further discussion over email. Can you send me an email at hkundra _AT_ Gmail, so that I have your email id?