Monday, September 15, 2008

MathML for Flash version 0.3


A new version for Adobe Flash Player of MathML has been released at
The last improvements are:

  • Display MathML operators defined by tags: int, Int, Integral, iiint, qint, oint, conint, ContourIntegral, Conint, DoubleContourIntegral, Cconint, cwconint, awconint, awint, cwint, fpartint, prod, coprod, Coproduct, amalg, xcap, bigcap, Intersection, xcup, bigcup, Union, Prime, tprime, dot, ddot, Dot, ctdot, tdot, TripleDot, macr, OverBar, UnderBar, hat, Hat, tilde, Tilde, rarr, larr, harr, rharu, rightharpoonup, lharu, leftharpoonup, frown, sfrown, OverParenthesis, smile, ssmile, UnderParenthesis, cub, OverBrace, UnderBrace, OverBracket, UnderBracket.

  • Change the demo for MathML Formula to see all the implementations;
  • Change MathML Editor to use all these tags.
  • Improve the architecture of MathML Formula to center the alignment of each item.
  • Solved some bugs in MathML Editor linked to delete items and to change the type of item. Now we can interchange the tags: Ex: parenthesis with row tag or sqrt

You can download the source code and swf file from for MathML Formula and from for MathML Editor.


sututuyet said...

can I press Enter in the MathML editor to make new line of equation?

Ionel Alexandru said...


The editor is created to generate MathML. This MathML (an XML) can be used to display formula on flash or web pages.
If I press Enter what would be in MathML ?

I thought one MathML for one mathematical expression.

Thank you

minya said...

I just want to use the flash player to display the MathML without editing functionalities.

Can I just provide the MathML as some parameter to the flash player and view it directly?

Thanks a lot,