Friday, December 14, 2007

Version 0.2 for MatmML for Flash

Waht is new in the second version:

  • add implementation for tags <munder>, <mover> and <munderover> ;
  • how to display integral, sum, prod and limits;
  • enhanced the tag <mfenced>;
  • some special characters;
  • implemetation of fontfamily attribute;

The sources and the examples you can find at:


design said...

Mr. Alexandru,

First of all let me express my admiration and congratulations for your MathML application; it is quite impressive.
I am a Flash developer working as a contractor for an education company creating education assessments for students in many schools in the United Stated. I'm considering using your application (or part of it) to switch from our current structure (equations being shown in images) to a MathML structure. In other words, admins will be using this tool to generate MathML code, instead of having to create an image.
I've been trying to analyze the code you've written to be able to customize it for our needs.
One concern I have is the inability to delete part of the equation while an admin is creating an equation. In other words, if one clicks on the square root link by mistake and then chooses to erase it, the only choice is to use the "Clear All" button and start over.
Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance for your support, and congratulations for such an impressive application.

Damian Bendersky

Ionel Alexandru said...

Hi Damian,

You can navigate with keyboard to parent/child level. If you type UP key you move to parent. If you type DOWN key you move to first child. Now you can delete any parent and child by pressing DEL key.

Thank you

sututuyet said...

Mr. Alexandru,
I am a flash developer working for EDUSOFT company in VtetNam, and I do mostly on Math and Flash. I have downloaded MathML editor for FLash, it meets my need.I have a question: Once I have finished one equation and I want to start a new one(below the finished one)I press Enter but it does not work with the Enter key;Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks so much for your support,
One more question: when will this Application be completed?

sututuyet said...

Mr. Alexandru,
I also download MathML Formula for Flash, I have used Math Type Translator to translate formula to MathML and paste the code to the buttons in flash, my question is if I have a dynamic text in flash, how can i press the buttons then the formula will display in the dynamic text?Is it possible to press many buttons then the formulars will keep displaying in dynamic textbox??
thanks for your support
hope u can understand what i describe above

Ionel Alexandru said...

Hi sututuyet,

I an glad you use my applications.
In the Editor, when you finnish the equation, copy in a file the xml and after that you can press "Clear all".
That will clear all and allow you to have a new equation.

Ionel Alexandru said...

Hi sututuyet,

For MathML Formula, the code is:


Ex: xmlData.parseXML('<mrow><mrow><msup> ...');

Here you pass your xml formula by a variable.
Let me know if you have more questions.

sututuyet said...
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sututuyet said...

Dear SIR

thanks for your reply

Well, I mean that in solving the Math problem, we will have some steps(or many steps), my wish is that if i finish the first step then i press Enter that i can continue to the second step,like MathType,it can allow the user to solve the math problem by himself.

sututuyet said...

MathML Formula for Flash
can I modify(erase, edit....) the displayed formula?

Ionel Alexandru said...

Hi sututuyet

To erase the formula use:

var df:DrawFormula = mathML.drawFormula(graph, style, topLeftPoint);

sututuyet said...

dear sir
I use mathml-editor for my project and i have some questions:
how can i trace the value i have inputted?
how can i start the new line(by press Enter key)in the editor?